The Waterloo Way


At Waterloo, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. None of our financial recommendations are ever offered “off the shelf.” Every recommendation we make, every transaction we execute, and every portfolio we touch is completely customized to address a real client need. We choose to do business this way because we are not robots — and neither are our clients. We’re all people here, and every situation is different. We believe growing wealth and creating financial security is a process born out of a combination of three core disciplines:

  • Expertise
  • Access & Exclusivity
  • Service


Our expertise was seeded at some of the largest investment firms in the industry, and we’ve worked to create and manage world-class portfolios for individual and institutional investors alike using the endowment model. We work together with our clients to create fully diversified and customized portfolios that grow and protect wealth over time. Our models are based on successful university endowments, mathematical likelihoods, an expert grasp of real-time market conditions and, of course, our understanding of our clients, their families, and their goals. Our job is to understand those goals so that we can create a financial plan that makes sense for today and tomorrow, whether our clients are planning their estates, looking to expand their businesses or trying to ensure they can enjoy the same quality of life years down the line. As Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), you can rest assured that all of our services are provided conflict free with your best interests in mind.

Access and Exclusivity

We believe the term “fully diversified” portfolio should come with an asterisk next to it 99% of the time. That’s because most portfolio managers simply don’t have the expertise to evaluate nor the complex investment vehicles available to institutional investors. University endowment managers have long known that balancing traditional assets with institutional-quality alternative assets like hedge funds, private equity, and real assets—is the best way to increase long-term rates of return while minimizing risk and volatility.


Our primary goal is to combine everything an investor would want from a large institutional firm with the personal attention he or she would receive from a boutique firm. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ financial situations, their needs, their goals, and their long-term dreams, which allows us to mold investment strategies that best suit their needs — not ours.

We also provide our clients with a full range of financial services that are constructed to grow and protect wealth. This combination of service, expertise and unparalleled access is what separates Waterloo Capital Management from the competition.