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April 2, 2018 – Weekly Market Commentary

Washington crackdown on Chinese investment, Britain’s lagging economy, a new market for oil futures, Saudi Arabia gets promoted, politics are raising the prospects of economic uncertainties, and how to navigate the rapid increase in market volatility.

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March 19, 2018 – Weekly Market Commentary

Key inflation data shows weakness in US prices, Larry Kudlow will head the White House National Economic Council, bond traders are shying away from US Treasuries, and thought leaders focused on why rising rates may spell the end of the bull market, why short-term volatility shouldn’t keep investors out of the markets, and why the fallout from trade regulations will hit emerging markets first.

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Q2 2017 Quarterly Review

U.S. stocks continued to gain despite some mixed economic data and amid political uncertainty over the ability of the US administration to push through its fiscally expansive
policies. Popular “Trump Trades” saw muted gains as investors became wary of delays in the administration’s policy timeline. Former FBI director James Comey’s testimony rattled
the markets but quickly became a non-event. The expected Fed rate hike had little effect on the markets, but the announcement of plans to reduce the balance sheet caused a
short-term pullback.

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