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At Waterloo , our knowledge and skill in wealth management, asset management, retirement planning, estate planning, and alternative investments provide us with the complete platform to handle our clients’ needs. We have a structured system for working with all facets of a person’s financial life.

Our Approach

We’ve developed a structured, systematic and emotion-free allocation model based on a deep knowledge of the industry, real-time data, in-depth research and algorithmic predictions. Our proprietary approach is built in four main ways:

1) The University Endowment Model

Our proprietary endowment survey model provides us with insight by constantly evaluating how endowment managers are positioning their portfolios. With the endowment model forming the core of our approach, our clients are better protected in periods of volatility while enjoying greater upside potentials over the longer term (when compared to traditional equity and market index approaches).

2) Mathematical Optimization

No investment strategy should ever be static. Our mathematical optimization tool runs over 400,000 iterations of trailing indices’ performance to determine what the optimal investment would have been for the trailing time period.

3) Tactical Overlay

We live in the here and now—a reality that requires a human touch to respond in real-time to market events. Our tactical overlay allows us to reposition portfolios in response to changing market conditions.

4) A Constant Conversation

There’s no better way to understand the goals, needs, and risks of our clients than to engage in a constant conversation — especially as priorities shift. We believe that each portfolio should be crafted based on the unique needs of the client.


Our Services

Personal Wealth Management

We offer personal wealth management and consulting in the following areas: Investments, Diversification of Cash Flow, Insurance, Liabilities, Qualified Retirement Plan/ IRA, Stock Options, Business Succession Planning, Durable Powers of Attorney, Gifting to Children/ Descendants, Charitable Gifting during Life, Titling of Assets, Executor/ Trustee, Distribution Plan at Death to Spouse/ Descendants, Charitable Inclinations at Death

Retirement Planning

At Waterloo, we practice goal-oriented investing, especially when it comes to retirement planning. Our asset management philosophy has an emphasis on long-term performance, not short-term market fluctuations. The result: our clients leave with a peace of mind knowing exactly what needs to be accomplished to reach their goals.

Estate Planning

We help you identify your planning goals, establish your financial identity, increase your estate and, ultimately, how to put it all together. We begin with the building blocks of estate planning, the structure and types of accounts you have, and then move on to wills, trusts, and other legal strategies designed for your protection.

Some important aspects of estate planning are:

  • Managing resources to provide for your family during your lifetime and after your death
  • Determining how investments will be distributed
  • Structure assets to escape probate and to minimize taxes
  • Financial planning to maximize the wealth left to heirs

We have several case studies that illustrate a wide array of solutions provided to our clients. Our team of experienced professionals will work to create a solution that suits your needs, no matter how complex.

Every investor has unique needs. For specific questions about how our services can help you meet your individual goals, contact us anytime.